Structural Surveys and Assessments

We can undertake a variety of structural survey and assessment activities.

Fire Escape Surveys

P1000034We have substantial experience in the field of fire escape and external structures safety, such as staircases, and have worked with a cross section of clients from hotels, commercial offices and residential management companies to ensure that not only the safety considerations of such structures are met but to increase the lifespan and serviceability of the escape structure.

Following the initial preliminary structural survey, which is carried out in order to ascertain the safety and viability of the fire escape structure and will identify all corroded, damaged and substandard members, a full written report including photographs, calculations and drawings will be produced.   Within the Fire Escape and External Structures safety report will be repair plans and work schedules.

Cracking Advice & Monitoring

Cracks can be a result of structural or thermal movement or a combination of both.  Most buildings crack at some time during their service life and this cracking is often of little consequence and requires just a cosmetic repair.  Indeed, it is only when these distortions and cracks are progressive and potentially threaten the safety and future of the structure that we need to investigate.

A non-intrusive and cost-effective method of monitoring structural movement is through the installation and checking of a crack monitor.  Because of the influence of seasonal variations on the movement of structures it is often advised that monitoring takes place over a twelve month period thus encompassing all the typical seasonal changes.

If you notice cracks in your property that are causing you concern or you are thinking of selling your property and would like to be able to answer with confidence if a prospective purchaser asks whether the cracks are serious, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss the best way forward for you.

Party Wall Matters

Since the Party Wall etc Act 1996 came into common use nationwide the Practice has provided the services of a Party Wall Surveyor for both the promoters of new work and for adjoining owners.

Employing a structural engineer in this surveying role has been seen as an efficient way to proceed as it has avoided the need to use two professionals to act for each party when structural issues are encountered.

The projects undertaken have been varied considerably in size, ranging from domestic conversions up to large refurbishments where construction adjacent to the boundaries has involved the preparation of multiple Awards.

We also have associated party wall surveyors who’s details we are happy to pass on to our customers.